The right boost package for your organization is always decided case-by-case. Salamander development services are modular, so finding the right combination and priority order of development steps maximize project efficiency. All exercise cases are derived from actual work of the client organization.

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Strategic Development – Consultation Services

  • Consultation of corporate strategy projects
  • Sales efficiency analysis
  • Planning and implementation advise on targeting systems, reward systems and customer relationship management tools
  • Advise on organizational restructuring in sales organisations
  • Recruitment testing and internal training process consultation

Sales Development – Training Services

  • Solution sales best practices training
  • Sales Psychology in action training
  • Presentation skills in sales
  • Coaching sales – practical sales management workshop
  • Customer service training
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Mission & Values


  • Creating a competitive edge for both short and long term profitability is the core of every Salamander project.
  • Profit enables a wide array of other positive consequences, such as well being and motivation.


  • Honesty and impartial approach to development needs is a key to improvement.
  • Facts must not be obscured by terminology, over-politeness or fear.


  • Involvement in the task and true appreciation of own work precede results.
  • Belief in success will bring success.


  • Real life best practices are superior to theoretical models.
  • Learning by experience is fastest way to development.


Salamander clients include dozens of companies, mainly operating in the fields of Finance and ITC.We do not disclose detailed project information to third parties.
The project payback time was really short, I calculated we got the investment back in one month. However, the best part is that the activity levels and results have maintained on the improved level after the project. We have had sales trainings before, but this hands-on approach was something very different. At first I thought the whole project was naïve and too simplistic, but afterwards I can see that we had concentrated on too complex issues and lacked focus, especially from the management side."

CEO, ITC Sector
The help we have received has enabled us to become one of the top players I our market. Long term partnership really brings the best benefits and there is a clear process from recruitment of sales force to the in-depth training of experienced sales professionals."

Head of operations, ITC sector

Project feedback average

3,8 / 4,0

Languages we speak

  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Swedish

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After several years of sales development projects all over the globe, the idea of Salamander was born. There are hundreds of companies offering sales trainings as well as tens of prestigious strategy houses. However, a clear gap between the actions of the sales force and the strategic focus of a company most often hinders fast development and growth. Sales developers might even be seen as too “hands-on” to attend strategy processes. Vice versa, the sales team may think that company’s top management is living too far from market reality.

By combining the two aspects and evolving the strategy into real actions at the client interface is often a demanding task where impartial speaking partner and trainer is needed. To answer this call from many companies, Salamander Sales & Strategy was established.

Founded by Mr. Samuli Suvela, Salamander Sales & Strategy continues to be a nest for sales-hardened professionals, passionate for giving their utmost for the client’s benefit. “Develop by Experience”, Salamander motto, embodies two equally important ideological aspects behind every project: Without experience there is no knowledge of the best practices and secondly, learning must be based on first-hand experience to ensure the sustainability of the progress.


Salamander is a small lizard-like creature, famous for the capability to regenerate lost limbs. There are over 500 sub-species of salamanders, yet the salamander shown in the company logo is a typical Fire Salamander (salamandra salamandra). It is black with yellow spots or stripes to a varying degree; some specimens can be nearly completely black while on others the yellow is dominant. Shades of red and orange may sometimes appear, either replacing or mixing with the yellow according to subspecies. Fire Salamanders can have a very long lifespan (50+ years).

The name Salamander is derived from two words in ancient Persian: Firstly “sa¯m”, indicating “fire” or ”glow” and secondly “andaru¯n”, meaning “within”. Alas, the name could be translated as “inner glow” or “fire within”.

Salamanders have been widely present in ancient legends and myths. Salamanders were believed to have fire-fighting abilities and have a special connection to fire. Great scientists and explorers have admired and studied salamanders, the most famous ones being Leonardo da Vinci and Marco Polo.


Salamander Sales & Strategy is known for their unique in action training method. Receiving constructive feedback and practicing until you feel ready are the keys to far-reaching personal improvement.

In case you didn’t quite get it yet, make sure to watch this introduction video and get to know Salamander’s famous sales coaching method:


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